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"Lori served as my leadership coach during my time as a Presidential Leadership Scholar.  Her ability to guide me through a rigorous regimen of introspective work enhanced my leadership abilities beyond my expectations. I hired Lori after the Program ended to continue to help me develop into an impactful and empathetic leader. In a crowded field of leadership coaches, Lori is one of the best."

 -  Presidential Leadership Scholar

"I cannot thank you enough for keeping me honest about myself and my future.  You helped me in a major way to see myself through the eyes of another. 

Your openness and willingness to provide feedback has been what I have needed. I see myself in a different light and I have you to thank!!"

- President, Housing and Multifamily Development, Community Ventures Foundation

"Lori is focused and willing to share herself with us in a way that is empowering. She is selfless, brave and has integrity so that people really connect with her.  I hope that she continues to guide, empower and lead those around her in a way that she has led our Learning Circle."

Georgetown Institute for Transformational Leadership, Learning Circle Member and Coachee

"Lori’s wisdom, openness to my growth without judgment while being willing to be herself - and to be vulnerable and willing to learn from every communication we had … was so appreciated.  Thank you for reminding me to pause and to just be."

- Associate Director, Division of Research & Statistics, Federal Reserve Board

"Lori was so patient with me.  She allowed me to dig into the emotional part of me and help me see what I was missing and to accept myself.   Lori will make an impact on so many people, just like she did on me."

-  CEO, Onward LLC

"Lori was the safety net that gave me to confidence to fly and the wisdom to know when to remove it.  Lori is the very example of how to fly without a safety net."

- VP and Sr. Director, O&M Systems, Creative Associates International