Organizational Consulting & Leadership Development Programs


"Great athletes can at once play the game and observe it as a whole — as Walt Whitman described it, 'being both in and out of the game.'”

- Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linsky

“The capacity that any organization needs is for leadership to appear anywhere it is needed when it is needed.”

- Margaret Wheatley

    It goes without saying that an organization's performance is directly correlated to the performance of its leaders.  More effective leaders result in superior performance, yet leaders must not only develop themselves and their teams - they need to ensure that their vision, mission and processes are aligned with (and reinforce) each other.  Lori’s extensive experience as a leader of Strategy and Organization teams and the Booz Allen’s leadership development practice provides her with the experience needed to help you with:

  • Organizational Consulting

  • Design/Development/Delivery/Advice on Leadership Development Programs

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